Migrating to Office 365

We will migrate your existing email, contacts, calendars, and configure Outlook on your computer in a seamless fashion. The next time you sit down in front of your computer, everything is done for you and you can get straight back to work.

Step 1

Plan the Migration

All we need to start the migration is simply an email address and password to one account. The migration agent analyzes the email environment and gathers the mailboxes, distribution groups, aliases, and shared mailboxes and preps them for migration.


Step 3

Outlook Assistant

The Outlook Assistant will automatically set up and configure Outlook to use your new Office 365 account with your existing emails, contacts, and past calendars. There is no work to be done by the user to get all of this completed.

Step 2

Sync the Data

To eliminate all potential data migration risks, the agent sync’s all of your data before, during, and after the cutover date. During the sync, your new Office 365 account will fully provision and assign correct licenses to all of your users. This creates a path for one of the fastest and most flexible migration solutions available.

Step 4


The next time you log into your computer, you will have Outlook installed and configured to your new Office 365 account. You have the option to either install the Microsoft Office Products yourself through the online portal, or you can have one of our technicians take care of that for you.